At the beginning of every project there is always
a bunch of ideas, opinions and possibilities.

Our role is to streamline your energies on the key focus areas
- those which are the milestones of success.

We implement what usually stays written on paper.

We are here to grow your business.

We focus 100% on tangible and countable effects of your businness.


Creative Collaboration Tools:

  • recruitment
    and networking
    around the project
  • strategy preparation
    (ideas become goals,
    possibilities become
    a coherent plan)
  • building tailor-made
    business models
  • process-based approach:
    design thinking, creative
    workshops, experts'
  • legal support protecting
    interests of the client
  • facilitation and project

Creative Collaboration Effects:

  • your strategy
    is innovative
  • your projects
    are managed
  • your business
    is growing


We are working with a broad array of commercial clients across different projects.
Beginning | cca was highly evaluated for them - as a business-oriented and highly effective partner to cooperate with.

Collabo- rations

Beginning | cca is a proud member of the global business initiatives. We ourselves are also
a trigger for different businesses to collaborate. The way we operate is also linked to cooperation with NGOs and universities.


If you want to grow your business,
let's meet for a cup of coffee to discuss it.


Targowa Street 56,
03-733 Warsaw

beginning creative collaboration agency